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The Identity Album Review By Adesola Adeyemi [Peepsandglances]

Hello there, if you are reading this right now, you aren’t in the wrong place, yes it’s an album review and also an identity Renewal. God takes all the glory for this rare opportunity given me by “AMI” formerly known as Provabs to Review this Album (Identity).
So I would be taking you through a short overview of the entire Masterpiece, The Idea behind the album,short review of each tracks, featured artists and Producers whose signatures are on this beautiful album (Identity). Feel free to get yourself a chilled drink, sit back relax and be Renewed as I take you through this Journey.

Identity (The Album)
The word identity should no longer be new to us, i simply call it what you are known for. It could also be an impression as a result of your action and way of life or choice. You would agree with me that “There’s a whole lot happening today that has Devaluated the human race”, Identity has been misplaced, people no longer take Gods opinion about them, people now choose to listen to critics than Gods word and promises, inferiority complex has set into a lot of (young) people, fear of the unknown and even the known. According to “AMI” formerly known as Provabs, “This Album is one that is out to correct that identity crisis in the world today”. The content of this album would give hope again to the hopeless, strengthen the faith of the fearful, make men, women and children build capacity to face challenges and still remain strong. I must say that This is one album that basically addresses every issue out there, from hate, rage, sadness, Maltreatment and abuse to Pride, fear, Poverty, forgiveness and sin.

Altogether The Album (Identity) has 18 hot tracks and a bonus track.
The first track Identity, samples voice from the legend Oliver de coque , with a blend of trap beat. in this song Ami speaks about trying to be someone else, he used phrases like “From cave men to new age men, confused generation, lost folks. With the word “Funny Identity” on the hook. The track encourages Knowing who you are because he said it.
To avoid a lengthy Review, I would be discussing in brief, and in no particular order. please bear with me.
Answer features Okey Sokay. Gods word says when we talk he answers, he’ll help us smile again, be our motivation, he’ll take the shame away, AMI used phrases like “Never Stalling,Balling and Scoring in his name.
Spirit is one of my favorite tracks, trust me you can’t have a favorite on this album, it’s all good and filled with message. Spirit is produced by 3 heavy weight producers, Plice,Okey sokay and Lcbeatz, The Afro hip-hop track talks about God as our confidence and narrates how we can’t survive the wisdom of the world without him pleading his spirit to take over.

Super Human also is a track you would love on this album, Afro Feel, narrating the story of a man who is willing but the flesh sets him backs, Deep lyrics describing the fight between spirit and flesh.
Oh lord is a bumpy reggae tune, speaks about hate, the prayers of the saints Asking for the latter rain. Oh lord features 3 Household names in Gospel Rap.
Other tracks on this lovely Piece of Art are:
Talk – Beautiful song laced with the sonorous vocals of Laurel Says
Forgiven – Rnb Pop feel, with a twist of hip hop, emphasizing the love of God despite our wrong doings. You get to hear the voice of un-forgiveness versus the voice of forgiveness. Two voices we hear in testing times and seasons.
Loving You – You won’t talk identity without his love, song talks about the love of God, the abuse of love i.e. The abuse of God, This Song is also dedicated to Mrs Ami.
Me – Me is a track directed to those that don’t love themselves or appreciate themselves. Loving others is loving you, appreciate yourself, feel Good about yourself.

Again – Again is Typical African beat with a twist of maccossa with a blend of eastern sound and feel, features Nosa, again preaches greener pastures, grace and how God did it and can do it again.
All God no Man is a Rap worship song. Ever thought of a rap song that worships? Here is your song, deep words, crystal clear thoughts and a stern message to it.
Believe & Heaven Knows – Believe is also my (favorite) track, it features one of my Favorite producer and rapper, LCbeatz, Believe talks about things getting better, while Heaven Knows Features Mr.Incredible (M.I)
Meet Again – AMI decides to write a song for souls gone and loved ones lost. Meet again features the Vocal Power of Praize and am sure you know what that means. It’s LIT.
Undefeated is a hip hop feel song Featuring cia’s “Nolly” , Get ready to learn the victory dance with your hands up in the sky.
Take It – Take it is your dance Track on the album. Take It is spiced by Midnight Crew and Spaghetti Records Owner Mike Abdul.
The last Track On Identity (The Album) is True identity with words from AMI addressing those given up, asking questions and are rejected.

The Whole Identity Album can be said to be a World music Album. With bits from every genre, AMI shows his diversity in style and Acute Delivery in Message as well as quality in this Album (Identity). What are you waiting for? head straight now to and get a copy of the album (Identity) by AMI. Thank you for being part of this review with me, and be sure to expect more from AMI.

Adeyemi Adesola

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