Arise With Ayo Oliyide: Beatitudes

Good morning friends,

This week, I like to write about the sermon on the mount popularly called the beatitude. This sermon is very important to us as these words taught by Jesus shows us the “best attitude” expected of us as children of God and this represents the first long sermon documented in the scripture taught by Jesus.

Jesus started every statement with the word “blessed”. The word blessed as I told us last week means, “abundance of grace, peace and mercy”. This means any life that exhibits these characters will live in abundance of grace, of peace and of mercy, and all culminates into abundance of life.

Let’s see a few;

1. Poor in Spirit: Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:3. The word poor is usually attributed to negativity but here, it means “being empty and expectant of a refill” or “being in the state of total dependence for sustenance”. God wants to bless us but he must first find us as empty of our self, expectant of heavenly refilling because we are in a state of total dependence for sustenance. We must not be full of ourselves. Empty yourself and God will fill you. Then He now said, “…theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

2. …they that mourn. Jesus went further to say “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.” Matthew 5:4. If we also want to use the literal meaning of ‘mourn’, we may misunderstand the sayings of Jesus here. I know that mourn means to be in a state of sadness or sorrow because of a huge or an irreplaceable loss. But here, that’s not what Jesus is saying. “Mourn” as used here means “being in a state of soberity (not overly excited) or a state of not being careless because of much play. Jesus Tell a us that we must be vigilant, watchful and sober. Don’t be carried away with everything happening around you, be watchful. Be at alert, clear your eyes of inordinate excitement that leads to sin and lustful living. And then Jesus says, “they shall be comforted”.

3. …the Meek. Thirdly, Jesus speaks about the meek. He said, “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” Matthew 5:5. To be meek means “ready to listen, ready to learn, and ready to become or change. It is the expectation of God that we are meek. God is always speaking to us, but many of us have become so hardened in the heart that we easily neglect and ignore the speaking a of the Lord. Our heart must become open to God and to people God has placed around us. As He speaks, we are ready to listen. As He speaks, we are ready to learn. And as He speaks, we are always ready to change. And then, “we will inherit the earth”.

We will continue from this next week as the Lord grant us permission. God bless you. Live as God wants you to live and you shall truly be blessed. Have a blessed week.

Oliyide Ayotunde.

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