Arise With Ayo Oliyide: Beware, Stay Connected

As I plan to write today, I hear the Lord say to me “beware.” So, I inquired further what to be aware of. Beware so you won’t forget the Lord when He must have blessed and expand you in all fronts. Many people have these challenge and many will still fall into this temptation. We must never forget that it is God that blesses, and not our personal capacity or hard work.

So, today we will consider the promises of the Lord for increase for us and then consider His aaawarnings to us. Our bible reference is Deuteronomy 6:10-13.

The Promises and Blessings

And it shall come to pass (accomplishment, fulfilment) when the Lord,

1. Brings you into your promise land, a land of rest. A place of comfort and rest. It is definite that the Lord will prosper you and bring you to His promised blessings over you, so, be assured in your mind that the Lord will do it. Whatsoever He has promised, He also has capacity to fulfil it.

2. Gives you great and goodly cities. The Lord is not just interested in bringing you into the promised land, He also wants to expand you and give you rule over territories. For example, as a music minister, the Lord wants to make you great and exceeding known around the world. Not only so, He is also prepared t make you a ruler in certain genre of songs and make you a known reference in your class.

3. Make your house of good things and it wasn’t you that will fill them yourself. This means that people will bring good things into your house and bless you with their resources until your house is filled with good things, this shall not be by your strength or acquisition but by the Lord’s providence on you.

4. Your wells will be dug. Your wells talk about your source of income. You will have multiple source of income and great riches shall come forth from those wells that cannot get dried up. Note here that you are not the one to dig these wells but the Lord himself will cause men to dig wells on your behalf.

5. Vine and Olive trees, and you will eat to your full. This is what God is saying, that He will satisfy your appetite and cause you to eat plenty. You will never be hungry or thirsty. For your will have wine for drinks and have olives for food and you shall eat and be satisfied.

But, The Warning.

Then beware lest your forget the Lord that did all these things for you by first bringing you out of slavery, suffering, servitude and lack such that He has made you great and exceedingly wealthy. Never forget God. Once you do, you would have cut yourself off from the supply and no sooner will you run dry again. No matter how much water is supplied, once the supply seizes, the water will be used up and there will be no more water for use. Stay connected to the source. Stay connected to God. Stay connected to life. God bless you.

Oliyide Ayotunde

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