Arise With Ayo Oliyide: Hunger and Thirst For Righteousness |DEVOTIONAL 

Welcome to this week’s “Arise with Ayo Oliyide”, a devotional aimed at helping you become better in Christ and help you fulfil divine destiny. I must say that I’m always eagerly looking forward to this time with you as I know God always uses this devotional to bless everyone who cares to read. Thanks for always reading.

Jesus Christ while preaching to a multitude of people on the mountain, described categories of blessed people and I would like to emphasize on one of the categories of blessed people. He said, “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” Matthew 5:6. The obvious question therefore would be, how do we hunger and thirst for righteousness? And how do we get filled?

Many of us are acquainted with the word “hunger” and “thirst”. These are states of the bodily feeling of want for food and water to satisfy the body so as to function in the right frame of being. Hunger and thirst is natural to every human being and it’s best naturally induced. Although there are supplements that also induce these feelings of want.

It is very important to note that there are majorly two conditions for feeling hungry and thirsty.
1. Being alive. and
2. Being healthy.

One that is dead doesn’t feel hungry and requires no food to satisfy the hunger, neither does he/she feel thirsty. Also, an unhealthy person may partially or totally lose appetite for food and water, hence, it becomes difficult to ascertain hunger and thirst.

Likewise, one way to know a healthy Christian is what they hunger and thirst after. And Jesus Christ tells us that one way to live a healthy life is to thirst and hunger after righteousness. Please put at the fore of your mind that to be “blessed” also means to be in a perfect state of being, hence, it connotes to be spiritually and physically healthy, to be at peace both in mind and in outward appearance, and to be free from bandages.

We cannot live blessed life except we begin to hunger for righteousness and to thirst for righteousness. It was written about Jesus that “He loved righteousness and hated iniquity….”

It is possible to be hungry yet the hunger is satisfied with things that will destroy the body rather than help the body to be healthy. For example, some people smoke cigarettes when they feel hungry. And we know that this act is dangerous for the vital organs of the body. Likewise, some feel thirst and satisfy this thirst with things that are harmful to their bodies. For example, people drink to stupor alcohol just because they want to satisfy their thirst.

Jesus didn’t say we can satisfy our thirst and hunger with all manners of things but stated that we must hunger and thirst for righteousness and this becomes the prerequisite for living a blessed life.

God is willing to fill us, but He demands that we be hungry and thirsty for Him to fill us. Just like it is evil to forcefully feed one who is not hungry or thirsty with food and water as the case may be. It can choke that person to death, so also God will not fill us with “all spiritual blessings” except He sees the hunger and the thirst in us. We must desire the in-filling of God’s power and might before we can begin to truly access them.

The question for you is, what are you thirsty and hungry for? Is it righteousness or iniquity? If Righteousness, God will fill you. But if iniquity, the devil will also provide means of helping you fill your lust.

We can respond to life in love or in lust. Love inspires righteousness, lust inspires iniquity. Kill every hunger and thirst for inordinate affection, and begin to desire righteousness and the Lord will fill you up. God bless you. Have a blessed week. Amen.

Oliyide Ayotunde.

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