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Hello friends,

Let me start today by saying long time no see. I have not written in a long time not because there was nothing to write, but because I had to take out time to rest from writing and to meditate on scriptures and the words the Lord have been laying in my heart. For me, writing is not just a skill or a talent, it is a burden and a calling. So, I just don’t write without a flow, and without a deep committed passion to write. That being said, I apologise for not meeting up with “Arise with Ayo”, my Monday devotional hosted on Peeps and Glances. Thanks for your understanding.

This morning, I like to share with us some principle of prosperity as contained in the book of Ecclesiastic 11. We must realise that there are spiritual principles and there also physical principles to prosperity of any sort. Let me say this also, prosperity is good but it must not be pursued independent of posterity. 

Posterity is not limited to being rich or wealthy, it actually means being successful in all that you do. Posterity also relates to finishing stronger and better than you started even when you have achieved the real purpose for which you launched out. On the other hand, posterity means out living your life by leaving behind a worthy legacy that can shape lives long after you’ve left.

Let me go straight to these principles. I’ll start with the Spiritual principle first.

1. Sowing seeds. Many times in our church, we hear them say “offering time” and we respond by saying “blessing time.” Really, that not a meme just for us to be motivated to pay our offerings. It is a spiritual channel through which God blesses His people. So many places in the Bible shows us the need to sow seeds into the church, into people’s life, and into courses that are of the Lord. “Cast your bread upon many waters, for in due season, you shall have them.” Ecc.11:1. To the natural man, it doesn’t make sense, but to the spirtual man, it does make meaning. Jesus in Luke 6:38 instructs us “to give Ann it shall be given unto us in good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over….” Paul also stated this when he said, “he that does sparingly, shall reap sparingly, and he that sows bountifully, shall reap bountifully.” But goes further to warn that we give “without grudges”.

This principle is very spiritual and that’s a good way for God to transfer blessings to us. Please note that sowing is not limited to church offerings, give to as many personals as possible. Be willing to help those who are in need. When God sees that your heart gives willfully, He send resources through you so as to get to people who are in need.

The physical dimension however of sowing is such that, whatsoever talent God has deposited in you, be willing to sow them. Sowing here relates to using the talent in such a way that it will yield fruit. Use them, carefully grow them and channel them to the right course of life. Don’t bury your talent like the wicks servant whose master gave one talent according to his capacity, but failed in his little capacity to explore and grow his talent. Sowing your talent is not just some wasteful activity of usage, but a controlled, committed and devoted quest to use, grow and improve one’s talent so that it can produce fruit.

2. Sacrificial Investment. Yea, the scripture instructs us in this regard. In Ecc. 11:2, the Bible says, “give a portion to seven, and also to eight for you do not know what will happen on the earth.” Now, like I said earlier, sowing the seed not just to the church is very important. Sow to as many as possible. That is spiritual investment. Many sure your life touches everybody that you come in contact with. One of the biggest seed to sow is the seed of your times which is your main resource. Also sow your heart to as many as possible. Sow kindness, goodness, and many other things to as many as possible, you may be in need of them tomorrow. It is God’s way of preserving lives even at odd times. The good you do will come back to sustain you. Like Jesus told us of the sower, a representation of the Father. He went about sowing seeds. He kept on sowing even to places where it is not certain to get back harvest. Keep sowing to as many as possible. It is your spiritual investment plan.

Also, the physical dimension is that you keep sowing your talents, your resources to as many places as possible. Keep channeling your resources to places that can and should produce returns. Don’t limit your investment in the lives of people and in the society. Invest so much of your time in what you’re doing. And invest so much of your talent in time. This will culminate into a bountiful harvest later in life.

3. Deal with Laziness. Laziness in both spiritual and physical dimensions are not good for prosperity. You don’t sow because of the weather or because of your limitation. Many observe and give so many excuse or reasons why they wouldn’t want to sow. Truth is, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t sow but you must deliberately ignore these reasons and sow as required of the Lord from you. Many say, so many people are liars. Some would say pastors are enriching themselves with members’ money and many other frivolous but at times factual reasons. These shouldn’t stop us sowing as the contract is not between man to man but between God and man. So, just do your part and leave the rest to God. “If you observe the wind and sow not, you will not reap anything.” So be careful, not for the wind but for you becoming lazy because of the wind.

The physical dimension, many have been disappointed and or betrayed by people who they trusted with their talents. Many have so many reasons why they shouldn’t invest their talents, but all these are reasons for you to fail in life. Some say, there are many people doing it, others say, I can’t make it in that line of business. The more you keep giving excuses, the more you keep shortchanging yourselves from the bountiful harvest. Don’t look at the weather, look the possible harvest. Even in the midst of many failed attempts, keep sowing. Like Isaac, he dug many wells and they would seize it from him but he kept digging until he got to rehoboth. Keep digging, you will soon get to the best place of rest.

4. It is God that blesses. We must realise that we cannot of ourselves bless ourselves. It is the workings of God for our lives. You don’t have to have mental calculations of how the harvest will come, all you need to do is trust in God for a bountiful harvest. “As no man knows the way of the spirit, even as no man knows how the bones grow inside the womb of a pregnant woman, so also no man knows or understands the workings of God.” Ecc. 11:5. When you sow, don’t try to mentally figure out how God’s going to bless you in return. Many have been frustrated as such. They paid a heavy offering or seed and they are expectant of promotion or a big contract only for their hopes to seem dashed, and they become angry with God. Relax, let God work, not your mind. Keep your mind at rest and let God work out those things in your life.

5. Diligence at sowing. This is a very important aspect of these principle. “Sow in the morning, and also in the evening, don’t withhold your hand….” Ecc.11:6. Diligence means to be completely sold out to an assignment irrespective of the challenges faced in along the line. It also include a steady and consistent improvements on the task as a result of continued effort to be successful at the task. “Have you seen a diligent man at work, he will stand to discuss with kings and not mere men.” Prov. 22:29. In whatsoever thing you do, ensure that you’re diligently consistent with it.

God desires that we prosper and in the scriptures are true principle for success. Unfortunately, many of us have not sat down to look through the Bible to see what God is saying to us. The circular world have used these principles and perverted them to suit their quest. Sadly, they still prosper by them because it’s a divine principle for life. You will notice that unbelievers get to sow/give much more than an average believer gives. They invest so much of their resources in varying degrees and they get returns from their. If only we can also use this, we will prosper as the Lord desires. Please don’t forget that you cannot pursue prosperity at the expense of posterity. If you do, that’s failure on your part. God bless you. Keep shining.

Oliyide Ayotunde.

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