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 Many years ago, there lived a very wealthy king who had four sons who were of age. As he nears a very old age, he began to ponder on who out of his sons was worthy to reign in his stead after his demise. He therefore asked for the advise of his most trusted chiefs. They tried to analyse the sons and this was what they came out with.
The first son who looked very much like the father in the physical was a very matured person with records of victory at wars which he has led. He has achieved so much in life and has brought so many honour to the land but he leads a very careless life. He is proud and very disrespectful to elders and villagers alike. He has forcefully married other people’s wife because of his frivolous way of life. On many occasions, he has been found lying on the roadside due to abnormal taking of alcohol, so he was deemed unfit to lead the people.
The second son who also looks very much like the king in the physical was a lazy man. He never completes a task successfully. He complains at every given opportunity. Although he is assumed to be intelligent but was seen as a fearful man who cannot be decisive when facing real life situation. Therefore he was also regarded as unfit for the responsibility of being the king.
The third son barely looks like the father. He had the best training among of all the children of the king. He was born when the king has so much wealth. In fact, he was trained outside the locality of the kingdom by experts in knowledge and other things in life. He grew to become the best in almost all he ever does making the larger community seek his help. He enjoying the euphoria of all he enjoys completely lost interest in the affairs of his kingdom. He just never want to have anything to do with his father’s kingdom. He grew to despise it claiming that they were barbaric, uncivilised, old-fashioned and uncultured people. So, never will he settle for such mundane task. For many years, the king never heard from him.
The last son of the king happen to be born in a time the king was facing a very big challenge. He was born in the middle of a war with another kingdom. They lost so many soldiers to these war including his most admired friend who was the Chief of staff. This made the king pay less concern to this son buy had him trained by his servant and treated like a servant. He didn’t enjoy so much affluence and splendor like other children although still addressed as the prince. But he was a gentle, coolheaded young man. He had respect for all and sundry and was very humble. He cared for the poor and needy. He was willing to give all he has to save anyone in trouble. He is an exact personality of the king in character and in way of life. He was regarded as the most appropriate person to succeed the king should he pass on to glory.
The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God: And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him , that we may be also glorified together. Romans 8:16-17.
As children of God, we are also heir to his kingdom. We are joint-heir with Christ. There is a way appropriate for us to live our lives. We need to model our lives like that of Jesus who is our only true model. The world is confused about how to live, so no one in this world is worthy to model you. So many are dysfunctional in their minds, especially the western world. Let Jesus be your model. And there is only one place to learn more about him, the Bible. And let the Spirit tell you more about Him.
Remember he said, I am the way, the truth and the life, no man can come to the Father except through me. Jesus is the perfect model of life. God bless you. Have a blessed week.
Oliyide Ayotunde is a follower of God, a learner, a lover, and a dedicated disciple. He is the founder and the president of the Kingdom People Network and also an Associate Pastor of The New Creation Bible Church. He is also by privilege the Youth Coordinator of the PFN Youth, Oshodi Chapter.
Due to his love for music, He has served as the Vice-President of Friends That Care for two years and also served as the General Secretary of Chapel of His Glory, Campus Fellowship, Ekiti State University, Ekiti from where he obtained a B.Sc in Accounting.

He is an inspirational writer and a graced preacher of the gospel.

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