Blog: Let’s Talk Sexual Purity By Israel Peter |PART1

Hello everyone, hope september is running smoothly? 
Anyway, It’s important we understand that one of the reasons many glorious destinies are harmed & maimed today is simply because of sexual impurity.

Friends, this guy is such an invaluable tool the kingdom of hell has being using [& is still using] for the destruction of different people in different walks of life. Ask mr Reuben Jacob. Ask father Solomon David . .

Quite a number of times, I’ve seen unmarried folks point out ‘e no easy o“, ‘e no possible to not do am“. . anyway, these folks need to go ask our hero, my hero – Father Joseph Jacob how he conquered this sin. Often times, when I’m privileged to teach, I point out that we probably wouldn’t know Father Joseph today if he fell for that “simple” plot [against his very glorious destiny]. Think of what this man could have missed if he had given in to portiphar’s wife [satan]. In disparity, many today are trading their great & glorious destinies for ordinary bread & butter . . How sad ?

Win the battle against sexual impurity and I tell you, that future that looks so bleak & dead will begin to come to life. That spiritual placement & growth you so crave for will begin to happen. Folks, without mincing words, I Know Too Well that #sexualpurityis key to fulfilling purpose & high flying in life !

Coach, diplomat
– Peter Israel.

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