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The Last time Inspire Sunday was Published we had a Producer/Artist, “ToluCCi”..
This week’s episode is very similar in nature to that of last week, we have with us a Prolific Producer and he doubles also as an artist, I call him “S.T.O On the Beat”…
We would be having a lovely timeout gisting , stay with us and make sure you get yourself a drink.

Please Say Hello to All Your Fans Out There…..
S.T.O: Goodday lovely people..I salute

Alright to start With, Who is “S.T.O” ? Introduce Yourselves in a Short Bio
S.T.O : S.T.O is dark in complexion and fun to be with, lol.. He is the First born of the family of Four, He hails from Osun State, He’s also a multi talented instrumentalist, and an undergraduate..

S.T.O On The Beat
S.T.O On The Beat

What Initiated The Name “S.T.O” ?
S.T.O : S.T.O is an Acronym of my Names, which are Segun Tosin Odeyemi. So the initial alphabets initiated S.T.O.

How Many Songs Do you have to your Credits/And How Many Artist Have You Produced For ?
S.T.O: hmmm, I have lost count ooo… too many songs….

Settle My Matter
Settle My Matter

What Has Been the Major Challenge of Working As a Producer and Artist?#Smile
S.T.O: well, so far, it’s been fun all the way, even though finances could also be a challenge, but we have overcome that by the grace of God.

What Inspires Your Music/Production ?
S.T.O : God, the Situation I find myself in at times and people.

What is True Worship to You ?
S.T.O : True worship is giving your totalty to God without holding anything back, to worship in truth and in spirit.

Mr Producer 'S.T.O'
Mr Producer ‘S.T.O’

Time for Some Hot Questions, What has been the Most Embarassing Moment For You ?
S.T.O : I’ve not had so far oo.. I enjoy every bit of experience life throws at me either embarrassing or

What has been the Most Memorable Moment For You ?
S.T.O : the day I started working with some big names in the industry that day, has remained memorable for me so far..

Alright That Was Fun, Anything New Your Fans Should Expect From You ? Artist You Would be Working With in The Nearest Future?
S.T.O : well, I’m working with some household names in the industry though, but I just recently did a song with T.R(Terrydrapman) titled going higher.. You can check it out online..

Going Higher feat. TerryThaRap
Going Higher feat. TerryThaRap

Your Comment on The Gospel Industry So far, Advice and Prayer ?
S.T.O: It’s been quite challenging in the gospel industry , yes!.. but I believe more dedication to the work and excellence driven mindset towards propagating the kingdom will open more doors and the secular guys will look up to us as ROLE MODELS…

You Have Any One You Want to Shout-out To ?
S.T.O : yes oo.. I want to shout out to all my fans, without you guys there will be no point doing music. I appreciate y’all for the immese support you’ve shown overtime. God bless you and you..

Your Comment on ?
S.T.O: kudos to peeps and glances, you guys are just the best. May God continually increase this company and enlarge your coast.

Peepsandglances DotCom
Peepsandglances DotCom

Thank you so much for Dropping By to Gist With Us, We Really Appreciate it.
Okay People, We Brought you one of the Finest Producer/Artist in The Industry, Hope You had fun and Hope We Asked questions You would have asked ?

You can Catch “S.T.O” On Any of These Platforms :
Facebook :Segun Tosin Odeyemi
Twitter :@StoBeats_
Instagram :@StoBeats

In Other News, Peepsandglances DotCom Kicks Off a new Segment Tomorrow Called “Arise” With Oliyide Ayotunde , Its our own idea of a Weekly Devotional, We plan to help people wake, we plan to help people not have excuses of not reading their bibles.

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