MUSIC : F-Clef – DESTINED TO FLY (A capella version) |@FemiClef

Destined To Fly - F-Clef (Acapella)

Olufemi Adeagbo, professionally know as F-Clef is a young talented Soul singer/songwriter. He is well known for composing soul-lifting and inspirational songs and has been quoted severally during his live
performances that he will not use his mouth to sing anything that doesn’t glorify God.

Destined To Fly (the A capella version) showcases F-Clef’s vocal prowess as he motivates listeners to shun the things that put them down but believe in the inner strength that only God can give, mount up with wings as eagles and fly. The song reminds us that we are all born to reign and nothing in this world can stop us if we are determined. So it’s time to spread your wings and fly. Soar!

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