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From the stables of Spring Media Entertainment comes another amazing piece titled ‘Oga Patapata’ by dynamic gospel diva, LIZA C. Produced by multi-talented Phat-E.

Bet you’ll love this song!
It’s fresh, different, highly inspirational and powerfully delivered by Liza C.

Anywhere and anytime this song is a tool to hail the Power of JESUS name for all to see, know and understand Who He is and All He means to us.

He is ADONAI – The Overall Boss ‘Oga Patapata’!

“When I think about all he’s done for me sometimes all I want to do is Shout! Praise! Chant! Raise and Speak well of God. YES!” ~ Liza C.

This Spirit loaded Praise song laced with pidgin language in Afro Pop style will put Praise on your lips and in your hearts. All hail the King!


Written by Liza C

Somebody help me hail Jehovah. Hail
Hail Jehovah 2times – hail hail
Hail Jehovah 3times – hail hail hail

Na Him be God for heaven o
Resp: Adonai na Oga
Na Him dey rule the world
Resp: Adonai na Oga
Everlasting King of kings
Resp: Adonai na Oga
You are the God, the King of glory
Resp: Adonai na Oga aaa

You came from heaven to earth to show the way
You went to Calvary and you paid my debt
You broke the power of sin and you conquered the grave
Three days later you rose from the dead
That’s why you are crowned the Lord of All


Adonai we dey hail you Oga patapata
Adonai we dey praise you
You be Mighty God
Adonai we dey hail you Oga patapata
Adonai we dey praise you
You be Mighty God
Oga Patapata
Oga patapata oo
Oga patapata
Oga Patapata
Oga patapata oo
Oga patapata

Solo 2:
You are the Mighty God, the Prince of peace
You are God with us Emmanuel
Powerful is your name Holy One
Faithful and glorious in every way
Lord we dey hail your name

Repeat CHORUS.

Adonai na God
Who be God for heaven ouu
Adonai na Oga
From America to Africa oo
Adonai na Oga
Adonai na Oga ooooo
Adonai na Oga
You dey rule, you dey reign in my life
Adonai na Oga
Na you na you na you alone
Adonai na Oga
Everywhere we go you dey reign

From the North to the South
From the East to the West

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