The BLWNation aka Christ Embassy member Cute Bawo Sagay popularly known as cuteSAGAY, releases his new single “My Yahweh”.


CuteSagay shares the inspiration behind the song “My Yahweh”:

“Let Me Tell You A Story…

So, I was invited to come lead the people of God in worship on this beautiful Wednesday morning at The Temple Of Praise and I decided I was going to stay over at my manager’s place a night before…

Night before the meeting, I couldn’t sleep because I was so full and I desired to sing to God a new and beautiful sound, something no one’s ever done before…

I was so restless because I needed to fill that desire to lift up a new sound, and suddenly, [like minister Nathaniel Bassey would say,] God did it Just Like That.. Boom!!! This sweet & soul lifting sound “My Yahweh” came alive from within me…

Long story short, we stayed on that song during the meeting the next day for so long that the whole room was so lit up and the people worshipped God beyond what I desired or pictured in my heart…

And then, Wilson Joel came on board as recommended by my manager, interpreted the song beyond the heavens, and the rest is history!

My people, God is so real. If you seek or desire Him or any thing from Him with a sincere heart, you’ll find him…

This Is My Story, This Is My Song…”My Yahweh”

CuteSAJAY is a Nigerian-Itsekiri born, WorshipLeader [Unrepentant Worshipper Of God], GlobalBrand, Musician, Songwriter, Humanitarian, ChangeAgent, Model & ShowHost.

Family means everything to him, and this includes the extended “world” family, hence his vision of spreading the “Love Message” across the globe, through his music.

Cute, blessed and opportuned to have begun his musical career from the early age of Nine (9), and even though he is privileged enough to cut through all genres of music, his musical foundation is basically R&B/Soul, soft rock and pop.

He defines his music as soul stirring and inspiring, coated with beautiful lyrics and accompanied by heavenly melodies that reaches the very heart of the world, cutting through age, sex, colour and religious barriers.

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