After dropping his previous single ‘Powerful God’ last year December 2016, Joepraize is here with his first release this year 2017 ‘Jesus Everywhere’ and its coming with much heat.

‘Jesus Everywhere’ is an exciting praise and celebration song that will move and inspire you as it leads you.

In his words:

“The bible says when men are cast down, then you shall say there is a lifting up. (Job 22:29)

As children of God, we are helped by the Holy Spirit to see differently from the way the people of the world sees. He gives us the opportunity to see things the way He sees them.

The Holy Spirit has helped me to see what He sees. I can… Jesus is Everywhere

I see the future where everyone is talking about my Jesus, I see musicians playing for Jesus, I see Jesus in every city of the world, I see him in every home, I see him everywhere.

No more should any christian be ashamed to talk about Jesus, for he is the greatest personality ever.

The song Jesus Everywhere is borne out of a communication with God himself and it is indeed his personal project, I AM JUST A VESSEL.

Remember, all our singing is all about Jesus.”

Get Jesus Everywhere Here

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Jesus Everywhere

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