New EP : Kierra Sheard – “LED”


award-winning singer, fashion designer and television star Kierra Sheard has released LED, an EP that had her teaming up with her brother, producer J. Drew Sheard II and contributing producer Jor’Dan Armstrong. In a similar vein as recent full-length public releases from artists Beyoncé and J. Cole, Kierra decided to forego the tradition of promoting singles through radio in advance of today’s release. Available digitally on iTunes, the 8-track EP is made up of an array of sounds and styles that will give you a back-in-the-day vibe. The title track, “LED,” has a strong sound and message that is sure to keep your head bobbing while listening. Other songs on the project include “Make Me Better,” “Oh Jesus” and “So Easy,” and all will have listeners transported to wherever the music leads them.

On what helped inspire Kierra to give LED the sound that she and J. Drew did, she says, “A youngster who knows real music. You’ll hear a 90’s feel in the presentation of this music. Prince-inspired, Marvin Gaye-inspired. My goal is to give listeners a sound that they can take everywhere. I’m hoping to put God in people’s atmosphere and they not even know it until later. It’s something for in the meantime, but it’s fun and creative.”

Download Individual Tracks
1. Intro
2. LED
3. Make Me Better4. Real Friend
5. Take Me There
6. Oh Jesus
7. So Easy
8. Reality

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