PODCAST: Iyke Onka – ‘Behind The Music’ [Episode Two] + New Single ‘No Greater Love’ | @IykeOnka


This is the second episode of Iyke ONKA’s monthly PodCast “Behind The Music”

In this 15-minute episode, Iyke ONKA features a fresh release from his “YaHWeH” album series. This track is titled “No Greater Love” and as usual it bears Iyke ONKA’s musical signature. Divinely inspired, beautifully rendered and excellently produced.

Listen to this PodCast and get intimately immersed into this new piece from Iyke ONKA’s studio. Get to know what the song “No Greater Love” is all about, how it was inspired and the story behind the song.

And don’t forget to share if you are blessed. Download it below…

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